Get a New Phone With Bad Credit!

Are you planning to purchase a new mobile phone, but can’t pay for one in cash? Are you wishing to leave PAYG and get into a mobile contract but your credit score prevents you from doing so? If yes, then Rivenhall Phones is here to help! We are your best source of FREE info and advice on how to grab a contract phone deal despite having bad credit.

You don’t need to look for no credit check phone offers in order to secure a mobile phone with your present credit. Chances are, you won’t be getting any better deal than what we’re supposed to show you. In fact, these companies promising no credit check schemes should raise your suspicions, because no mobile provider will grant anyone a deal without performing credit checks in the first place. It’s either that these sites are scams or that they charge ridiculous fees to help you nab a basic phone that you can get easily on your own anyway. Apply online with Rivenhall Phones and we can help you bypass these no credit check mobile phones, and guide you to apply legitimately.
On the other hand, we will bring you closer to deals that have approved for others and will definitely get you approved as well! Along with them are our legitimate and proven guides that can help you land a mobile phone offer successfully, so there’s no need to look anywhere else!

What We Offer

We offer free search and comparison service where you can get in touch with the latest deals designed specifically for individuals with imperfect credit. Whether you want a new phone on a contract, or simply want to obtain a SIM only package for huge savings, then you are at the right place! Don’t you worry about your current phone or number, because technology today allows you to transfer your number easily without having to lift a finger!

Top Tips to Landing a Mobile Contract with Bad Credit

Pick a Phone on Budget

To improve your chances, you should start by lowering your standards. High end smartphones require stellar credit in order to get approved, and are a big no-no if you are serious about getting a contract phone. Mobile carriers are often more lenient when it comes to lower cost devices, and are something to consider especially if your goal is to save cash.

Pay Upfront

Meanwhile, if you want a mobile contract, and a great smartphone at the same time, it might still be possible, although you would have to pay for it. By payment, we don’t mean simply swiping your credit card, but rather, you need to provide actual cash to back up the risk of giving you the phone. This cash is referred to as the “security deposit”, which is like your collateral. Basically, you won’t be able to withdraw this cash for a certain period, and the provider may take this away if you fail to pay your bills.
Don’t worry though, because you can retrieve the money, usually after 12 or 18 months of proving yourself responsible on your bills. The only drawback is that the security deposit may be a huge amount, depending on the type of phone you are looking to obtain. If you don’t have the cash to spare, consider our tip above.

Apply for a SIM Only Plan

If you have an existing phone that you don’t plan on replacing anytime soon, then another consideration is a SIM only deal. Acceptance for these types of contracts are fairly easy and are almost guaranteed, because there’s no handset to be given away. Additionally, these offers will let you avoid the lengthy lock-in periods.

Bring a Cosigner

Lastly, if you’re having difficulty convincing the networks on your own, perhaps a guarantor may do the trick. Your guarantor or cosigner is a third person who will back up and cosign your loan, promising to shoulder the financial obligations if you fail to pay your bills. Your guarantor must be someone with good credit history, and is not financially linked to you in any way.


In rare occasions, some may still struggle to obtain a mobile contract despite the tips we have compiled. If you’re one of them, we suggest registering for the electoral roll, paying your other dues, waiting in between your applications, and avoiding carrying anymore balances in the future. Chances are, after waiting a few months, you will be in a much better standing with regards to your application. Additionally, you can get more tips on how to improve your credit rating here